Last movie you watched

Re: Last movie you watched

Postby Va-Va-Voom » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:10 pm

Cripps and co. are basically the Avengers of GW, they unite to battle the anti-Marvel minions.
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Re: Last movie you watched

Postby Jedieurokrem » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:36 pm

DiamondGooner wrote:
Jedieurokrem wrote:Marvel movies are objectively awful

Not sure if serious? :think:

Only saw this now.

Yes, i'm serious. Every Marvel movie I've watched has been the same. 100% Fan service, unfunny cringe-worthy attempts at humour, packed with CGI action scenes i personally don't care about and filled with filler uninteresting predictable story arcs with boring villains. It's really bad when most of the movies have the same plot pattern which is - Hero has to stop X from getting Y so that he doesn't destroy Z.

So far I've watched:

Iron man 1 and 2 - think i liked this one the most because i like Robert Downey Jr. but don't consider it a good movie at all.

Guardians of the galaxy - Caught this on HBO but fell asleep halfway through.

Captain America - Bad actor, boring plot, couldn't finish it if my life depended on it.

Thor - Same as above really, just proves how bad the movies really are thay i can't even think of original criticism for them.

Avengers - Watched the first one start to finish, but i barely even remember it. Loki was the villain, right?
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Re: Last movie you watched

Postby Ach » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:43 pm

Va-Va-Voom wrote:Cripps and co. are basically the Avengers of GW, they unite to battle the anti-Marvel minions.

Don't really care tbh. Just find it amusing how people who don't like movies much need to comment.

I enjoy marvel. Others love brokeback type films. Good for them
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Re: Last movie you watched

Postby Fenice » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:53 pm

Ach wrote:
Yago wrote:
Ach wrote:Kingsman the first one was awesome.

Second one not as good but enjoyable. Kept singing take me home country road tbh

Seen a few bond films from Connery to Moore to latest ones. Can't remember names of any but if you've seen one, You've seen them all

True, a bit like superhero flicks in that regard.

Not seen infinity war then?

Not a movie fan?

Fair enough. Movies aren't for everyone.

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Re: Last movie you watched

Postby LMAO » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:30 pm

Pudpop wrote:
LMAO wrote:
Pudpop wrote:Kingsman 2: f***ing epic. Did exactly what you want from a kingsman sequel. The sex scene needs to be taught at universities. Only issue I had was Show the spoiler
Roxy dying because she's awesome but they'll probably bring her back for the next one so it's ok


The one at Glastonbury? What was so educational about it?

Love the Kingsman movies though—super ridiculous but hella fun.

It's the epitome of satire. Remember these movies are a subversion of James Bond/spy movie cliches. That scene essentially points out how f***ked up the 'Bond girl' trope is. Starting with the scene where he's explaining the situation to his girlfriend, then the fact that they're playing the 'epic' main theme music at full volume while zooming in on a woman's vagina. Usually the music is used for action scenes where the main character is accomplishing the mission. Now it's used where the main character is accomplishing the mission by sticking his finger inside a woman. Which is stupid. Which is what they're trying to say about the bond girl trope. Both the plot device about the tracker and the bond girl trope are both just terrible excuses to show some smut, the difference being that Kingsman is self-aware and also avoids the misogyny.

Most importantly, they do this while maintaining the humour. The scene is still funny even though it's actually jarring to watch (idk about you guys, but when the camera carried on following Eggsy's hand I was really surprised until the music picked up and burst out laughing).

Fair enough. I was confused thinking you just meant Eggsy/Galahad/whatever his name is now getting to third base and then backing out :hiding:
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Re: Last movie you watched

Postby Yago » Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:59 am

What we do in the shadows. Really fun movie.
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