08/11/18 | Arsenal 0-0 Sporting CP | Europa League

Re: 08/11/18 | Arsenal 0-0 Sporting CP | Europa League

Postby BouncySean » Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:39 pm

indy23 wrote:We just need a proper winger. Dunno if Nelson is that guy down the road but in the winter if we can get a proper wideman, it will do wonders. Alot of if not most of our offense is pressure and creating space with our fullbacks overlapping out wide. Iwobi isn't really a winger same with mhki , ozil or auba. I hear Costa isn't getting much playing time maybe worth a punt.

I swear Costa only has 1/2 good games a season and it's always when he's playing vs us!
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