EA the worst company in America

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Re: EA the worst company in America

Postby elkanofan » Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:50 pm

CynicalGooner wrote:The only thing I agree with you on is the scripted goals, especially finesse into the far corner cutting in off the flank. FIFA 08 was shite, so much wrong with the game mechanics but 09 was a revelation and 10 was the best FIFA game ever. Then they took it in the wrong direction again with 11 and 12 is even worse. The way passing is a lottery even with world class players. I completely disagree about the speed, they have made fast players more and more ineffective since 10, now a slow defender can easily beat the likes of Walcott in a race because the game puts concrete in the attackers boots

But it's still miles better than PES. And I think PES has better graphics, especially the player models

And lol Theo doesn't have 5 star skills. It's like 3 star

PES 2010 has the best graphics but it's gone downhill since then in 2011 and 2012 to improve framerate. Yes the player models are far, far better than FIFA cartoony ones. FIFA 10 was the first FIFA game i ever sold. It was winning 11-0 on legendary which was what did it for me Hamburg vs Mainz. I remember making this post when it first was released:
http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/fifa ... 9-1-a.html
thinking it was the best game ever, then sadly seeing all the exploits and flaws appear one by one.

So upsetting,

mind you online on FIFA 10 i never lost with Porto :) even when 3-0 down with 10 men at half time vs Liverpool, kinda says it all to how scripted the game is, when you know where to shoot from it's just easy.

They must of changed theo's star skills in a update because i remember doing 5 star skills with him on FIFA 12 vs a mate, he was originaly 5 star, then they dropped him, then they brought him back up.
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Re: EA the worst company in America

Postby StLGooner » Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:33 pm

I've never had a problem with EA.
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Re: EA the worst company in America

Postby ThereIsBearCüm » Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:55 am

A bit of overkill to vote them the worst company
Yes, they make shit games, but Coke kill people who go on strike ffs
Our specialist in failure can f**k off
If you support this fraud and still think you're an Arsenal fan, you're wrong
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Re: EA the worst company in America

Postby Reverend Gooner » Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:32 pm

http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2 ... be-the-hub

Typical EA here, attack big sales because they want more monies. Not only is the interviewer exactly right that the profit is still decent with 75% sales because the server cost per sale ratio is minimal but these big sales are only done when the bulk of the sales have been made to the primary fans. Most people who buy them at the big sale stage would not have bought the game if it was not so cheap so it is a 100% gained sale rather than an actual loss because they would have bought it at a higher price.

I bought Defense grid today at 50% off and I would not have bought it at full price ever as I am not "that" interested in it. I have bought a few big sale games in similar circumstances and after reading alot of opinions of valve customers that is the overwhelming nature of those sales.

It is all good, positive profit but EA would never see it as that as they are wroth to give the customer a bargain. They have just released the DLC for battlefield 3 and it is £39.99, as much as the game, they even have a shortcut pack for £24.99. If you bought everything that would be £105 for a FPS :rofll: :rofll:

It is up to them, the onus is not to buy and I don't and they will make massive bucks for their shareholders as people still lap it up but it just makes me laugh.

One thing that interviews further shows, as we have always, always known about EA is that their attitude to any competition stinks and their customers only come just above that.
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