Arsenal vs Stoke - Arsene Wenger day

Arsenal vs Stoke - Arsene Wenger day

Postby Gunner Down Under » Wed May 27, 2009 10:23 am

A bit late, and this was direct from, so all messages that have nothing to do with Goonersworld is probably in the interests of my blog.

I had to break the chain on Saturday, because my energy has been zapped by a bit of flu. (Hopefully it's not swine flu, oh well.) I was worst on Saturday, got better on Monday, but has been the same annoying flu since. I wake up feeling good, go through the day feeling good, and at about 1:30pm my energy is completely gone for some reason and I get through the remaining day feeling worn out. I hadn't helped today that I hadn't eaten any lunch at all, but a feast at 3:30 helped a bit.

Sorry about me yabbering on about this, let's get to the base of this. This won't be too long, because of my constant late day tiredness, and it won't help that I have to watch United vs Barca at 4 in the morning on Thursday. I depends if I can wake up to be bothered to watch it, as I still have the flu symptoms and I have to get through the day wearing my Arsenal jersey if Man U or Barca win. And it's cold, and it's a short sleeved. I'm not looking forward to this.....

So. Stoke vs Arsenal at the Emirates, and all us hoping for a win to end our season, especially at home and against a newly promoted team that isn't doing too well, though they have avoided the drop by a bit of a way. Hats off to them. Not. They got off to a rubbish start, because they conceded an own goal by James Beattie, playing his 300th match. Heh heh. RvP and Diaby(???!!!) followed up next at 16th and 18th minutes, and by then it was 3-0. Game well over before minute 20.

Fuller for Stoke slotted away a penalty on the half hour stroke, and RvP added another goal just before half time, and the score didn't change until the final whistle. Game over, Stoke thrashed by a classier side, and us reaping 4th sows, and Champions League qualifying games.

Third choice keeper Vito Mannone (know him?) was put on to start today, and could have gone to sleep, really. They had 4(2 target) to our 26(9 target), and our sketchy defence held solid despite the penalty. We hoped it wouldn't be the 2-1 surprise last year at Stoke, but really it just wasn't to be. The own goal just did it for them. (And Newcastle.)

The own goal was set up by Van Persie to Fabregas, but Beattie turned it in instead. The second was again by Van Persie- nutmegged Shawcross, brought down, ref pointed to the spot and struck it home. 2-0.
Two minutes later, Van Persie (again!!) struck a free kick for Diaby to nod home. Diaby? Diaby? What the heck is going on here. His last moment of brillance is when he backheeled to set up a goal vs Blackburn I think, but still this is ridiclous. We should sell him. Lazy nut. Doesn't deserve a goal.
Then Simonsen, Stoke starting goalie, came off due to an injury. Sorenson came on, but it made almost no difference.
Mannone afterwards saved Beattie's free kick, curving down, and then Walcott let fly late on Fuller, got it wrong, penalty. It went in, though it made no difference to Arsenal's mentality. It was like the Ancient Romans up against a weak civillisation. No match. Other close calls for Stoke during the half was Arshavin's smasher to Sorenson, Walcott went low, and Gibbs headed over. Van Persie tried to make it three after intercepting a pass from Delap to Sorenson, but missed.

Halftime, no difference, apart from Bendy for Walcott, and it started again with the same stride. Van Persie missed again, and Sagna went on the attack, just to drill it over. It was Sagna's last strike of 0809. Eboue went on just after that, minute 60.
Minute 62, and another chance set up by Bendy and Diaby. To Van Persie, but once again a miss, high and wide.

But it was men against boys. We still sprayed the Stoke goal with good efforts, including Vela's last minute strike, but it was a well deserved win for our boys today. On Sunday, that was. RvP clearly man of the match, a blinder.

Next vs Athletico on the 2nd of August, and a match report I think on the UCL final. If Barca win. Cheers.
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Re: vs Stoke

Postby Git » Wed May 27, 2009 10:38 am

Nice report, but may I suggest getting rid of the huge goal emotions. Looks very unprofessional and just annoying. :P

Cheers for the write up. =)
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Re: vs Stoke

Postby Cheese » Wed May 27, 2009 5:15 pm

2nd Gits thoughts.
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