Arsenal 1 - 4 Chelski *hangs self more*

Arsenal 1 - 4 Chelski *hangs self more*

Postby Andreys_Does_Simples » Sun May 10, 2009 8:03 pm

A game to salvage a little bit of pride is what this game was about….oh and also it would ultimately decide third place. After bowing out of the Champions League this week both teams were still licking their wounds, some doing the sad sack act more than others.

Our starting line up had a few surprises in store. Fabianski took the place of Almunia. The defence was Sanga, Toure, Silvestre (why Jesus?) and Gibbs. The midfield was a weird one. Alongside Cesc, Nasri, Song and Walcott was Diaby. Given that Diaby was utterly horrific in his last outing against Chelski I couldn’t see why he was in there but he was. Up front on his little own some was Robin Van Persie.

The game kicked off and it was all Arsenal and one of the better moments was when young Gibbs nipped in and made a fine challenge on Anelka and came away with the ball. Great confidence boost for the lad and a hearty applause was given to the youngster from all Gooners.

It was total football and Theo Walcott looked like he was going to run riot. He had two chances in quick succession but like a vegetable patch both were fruitless. He seemed to snatch at them a little but the chances were coming thick and fast for the Arsenal.

Alex Song was fair putting himself about in the early stages as well and showed some great strength to hold off Essien before drawing the foul and winning us a free kick on the left hand side. He and Samir Nasri were both playing their hearts out, some lovely work by the French Michael McIntyre put in Theo to pull back a great ball. Cesc was poised to shoot before Diaby somewhat retardedly decided that he’d hit the shot instead. The shot ended rather wide and yet another chance squandered.

After all the stick Petr Cech has took in the past few weeks and that’s not just for his mum mis-spelling his name on his birth certificate he fair proved his critics wrong today. After a nice one-two with Van Persie, Fabregas found himself in the box but just as he was about to pull the trigger big Cech came out and smothered it like a fat bird on a tin of Roses.

Theo then missed what seemed like his 100th chance of the game. Abou Diaby did some fine work down the left hand side, cut into the box, turned Alex inside out so bad that he looked like Skeletor. A nice pull back found Theo who again rushed it, whacked it first time and it went wide again.

As much as we were getting it our own way, especially down the right, Cashley played a nice one-two with Drogbarrr. Fortunately for us when the ball fell to Malouda for the shot he scuffed it and it came to nothing.

We were desperately needing to take one of these chances soon and it almost came after Fabregas whipped in a Nasri won free kick. A scramble in the box ended with Alex Song hitting it wide from about 4 yards, to be fair seeing it again Cech did well to make himself big and put Song off.



Drogbarrr then got up to his usual antics and is seriously giving that little Tom Daley geezer a run for his money. Seriously soft free kick to be punished for. Even worse Cesc gets carded for the challenge and then even worse that big Skeletor c*** Alex gets up and heads it in. Chelski take the lead and the fact we desperately need a new centre half is so obvious Stevie Wonder sees it.

Now there is more than one way to skin a cat, apparently, but there is one sure fired way to take the ball off a Drog. Get Kieran Gibbs to do it. Gibbs stole the ball off the flapping f**k and it almost resulted in a spectacular little goal from a Van Persie flick. The flick was cleared off the line and Diaby does a really bad Louis Armstrong impression cos we really doesn’t have all the time in the world and he surrenders possession yet again. Will this guy ever learn that he doesn’t have that much time.

Then like catching your mum in bed with your best mate (never happened to me by the way I’m just think this is the scale it’s on) Anelka then rips our midfield up and isn’t closed down by our defence and hits us with another sickener. His swerving shot left Fabianski with absolutely no chance at all and put them 2 up.

At half time we really didn’t deserve to go in one down let alone two, we could have been three or four up but Theo looked like he couldn’t finish his dinner today. If I was on for Silvestre it could have still been 0-0 at half time. He left Alex have a fre header and that ball then failed to shut down Anelka. It’s really glaringly obvious the reason why he was surplus to requirements at Manure, he’s past it. Pure and simply past it. He should not be anywhere near our team.

The second half wasn’t happening either, Cashley got in our box, I see the irony of the gaydo being in a box but it happened. For some reason the ball was put in and Toure and 60,000 Gooners could only look on as it went painstakingly slow into our own net. 3-0 Chelski.

Not before time was Diaby whipped off for Bendtner. No idea why we started with one up front and especially not having either Bendtner or Ade against the two big lads at the back.

Anyhow we kept trying but it really wasn’t happening. I love Theo right but f**k his finishing was poor today. He got in some great positions made some good runs but he had the majority of our chances and squandered a chance that should have been taken regardless of our age or who your opponent was. He was then replaced by Adebayor and Song, who was playing well, was replaced by Denilson.

Bendtner then pulled one back for us. Some great play down the right again by Sanga and Nasri who switched over resulted in a great cross from Sanga. It was perfect and big Nik equalled the cross with a superb header.

He almost got in again with the exact same move and cross but his header just didn’t generate enough power. Ade then put in some nice work and Van Persie really should have got us a second with another cross coming from the right but his header was poor.

We then had a penalty turned down. Ade got the ball, whipped it round Cech who brought him down. No. They go up and score an offside goal, which counted. We really need foreign refs in to do our big games, these English guys can’t cut it. Give us a big Scandinavian ref next time!

I was completely bewildered at the team selection again and when Bendtner and Ade came on they changed the game (well for a while). Bendtner never gave a thing up, I’ve been hard on him before and I really wanna apologise to the kid who showed more determination in 30 minutes today than some have done all season. So sorry big Nik, get a first touch and we can become best buds.

We need a centre half badly and we need Arshavin in our lives constantly. Get well soon Andrey…please!
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Re: Arsenal 1 - 4 Chelski *hangs self more*

Postby Fabrestuta » Sun May 10, 2009 8:10 pm

Great report ADS, gave me some much needed chuckles after the drubbing we took. Spot on about Gibbs he may not have forgiven himself for the slip but he played great today for the most part.
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Re: Arsenal 1 - 4 Chelski *hangs self more*

Postby Git » Sun May 10, 2009 8:29 pm

Good report mate. =]
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Re: Arsenal 1 - 4 Chelski *hangs self more*

Postby damo1583 » Sun May 10, 2009 9:07 pm

Nice work (my Masochist friend)................
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Re: Arsenal 1 - 4 Chelski *hangs self more*

Postby niko197 » Sun May 10, 2009 9:37 pm

:clap: just what i needed
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Re: Arsenal 1 - 4 Chelski *hangs self more*

Postby Gunner Down Under » Mon May 11, 2009 7:48 am

Lose to Mancs and it's who knows what hangs self it will be
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