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Postby VCC » Thu Jun 23, 2022 11:38 pm

Est83 wrote:
UFGN wrote:
Est83 wrote:Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

That's what it's called right?

Chaotic, hilarious, a little over the top. It's a mental sci-fi with some loopy metaphors which are a bit hit and miss, but overall great. Had my girlfriend in tears as it's essentially about Asian parent/child dynamics and the generational difference in how love is expressed.

My girlfriend is a ridiculously high achieving lawyer that was 2 years ahead in school and a nationally ranked swimmer in Hong Kong (not known for their swimming of course, but she's 5'2" and was beating 6'3" Ausie guys with ease)...... still not good enough for her parents though :lol:

..... because she's thinking of marrying beneath her?



Facts! Haha

My best m8 grew up together is a professional golfer in HK ( coaching) his daughter in in the one of the martial arts squads, have to be extremely gifted to be noticed in HK it seems
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