Prediction League New Point System

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What should happen to the current point system?

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A: Keep it this way
B: New point system suggested by burnturrek
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C: Change in a different way
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Prediction League New Point System

Postby SuperTurrek » Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:35 pm

Hello fellow Gooners,

First of all congratulations to the Arsenal FC and all of us for reaching the semi finals of the Europa League.
Inb4 we draw Athletico Madrid.

Anyway, as the season is nearing its end, this is the perfect time to make this topic.

I suggest a new point system, I want to make it easier to get points! Earning points is fun! Why make it so difficult to gather them? Predicting the exact score + first goal scorer would get you maximum points in my suggested new point system and having 3 different ways of earning points per match you can earn 1, 3, 4, 8 or 9 points each time Arsenal play.

This is what I had in mind:
Correct Scoreline: +5 Points
Correct Result: +3 Points.
First goal: +1 Point.

(Bonus Idea: Golden Prediction = adds +11 to total making it a total of +20)

An example:
Let's say Starmandb predicted:
CSKA Moscow 2-2, first goal Chalov.
I predict 1-1 first goal Lacazette.

I predicted it would finish a draw, even if I didn't get the score right I should get points for predicting that. So I'd get 3 points in this scenario.

Starmandb, being the oracle he is, would get 9 points. 5 for the score line, 3 for the result and 1 for the correct first goal scorer. So he'd get 9 points in this scenario.

Bonus Idea: Since it is an impressive feat to predict all 3 correct, having that bonus +20 joker possibility would add a nice dimension to the title race!
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Re: Prediction League New Point System

Postby CrimsonGunner11 » Wed May 09, 2018 5:01 pm


I would not mind a new system or if it was kept the same but I do know I would do worse under your proposed system because i never predict a loss for us.

I propose that If the system is changed that maybe the scoring criteria be kept in the first post of every match day fixture. at least until everyone’s familiar with the new rules
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