07/01/2017 | Preston North End 1-2 Arsenal | FA Cup

Re: 07/01/2017 | Preston North End 1-2 Arsenal | FA Cup

Postby Sims » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:04 pm

welbz is probs the hardest worker in the side, he'll be fine in a 4231 out wide

if we go to a flat 3 play mesut rw and he'd still be good
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Re: 07/01/2017 | Preston North End vs Arsenal | FA Cup

Postby DiamondGooner » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:10 pm

Mesüt wrote:
Zedie wrote:
Mesüt wrote:
Nuggets wrote:
Zedie wrote:Giroud haters once again in disarray

:rofll: :rofll:

Except you guys fail to acknowledge that those criticising him refer to our style of play when he starts compared to alexis or welbeck up top. He's scoring super important goals and doing well as an impact player but if still rather he didn't start tbh


I acknowledge that all the time and gave done for a while ie wanting a super star striker. My only problem has ever been with people that constantly whine about him through good form or bad and expect him to be the superstar striker they want.

It's not his fault he's not he's been our only striker up until this season. Neither is it his fault that he's not an elite player, but the abuse he's received for years now and even to this day has been well over the top and you know it.

Giroud is in a great run of form atm, but sanchez up top helps us a lot more overall, it's never been debatable (apart from the people who were adamant that he couldn't work at ST when we signed him).

He's doing what he should be doing, ie serving the team and getting ready to come off the bench when sanchez is back up top or step in when we play against a guaranteed bus Park team.

Then him scoring another late goal shouldn't put any 'haters in disarray', it's what is expected but so is the general performance we saw tonight when he starts.

I love his late goals and key contributions lately, also love his fighter attitude but would choose Sanchez or Danny to start ST over him as it benefits the overall team performance more. I guess we agree (ish) on that so I just disagree with your original Comment :) do get bored of this 'l8er h8ers' shit which is prob why I bothered to say anything

Spot on Mesut.

I've said I'm not going to discuss Giroud for 3 months and I intend to stick to it.

I will however talk about the the team in general, all this high fives and haters in disarray crap is come childish ass "I told you so" BS, are there hat tricks being scored??

What are you going to say when we come up against a good team for a crucial season defining game and we need more than one goal from our ST to seal the deal? ....... we don't get it and we lose.

Who will be in fkin disarray then when another season is sunk because that scrape past Preston is showing exactly that we're heading for that sort of season.

Mods have a go at us when we dig Zedie out and they wonder why? tit comes before tat, Zedie is the tit.
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Re: 07/01/2017 | Preston North End 1-2 Arsenal | FA Cup

Postby Angelito » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:34 am

Sims wrote:id start alexis up front, welbeck lw and perez rw

bring iwobi whenever needed

No problem with this, or even Giroud up top - with Alexis on the left as long as Giroud's scoring. Nonetheless, I can't see Wenger dropping Theo, so Lucas goes to the bench and we continue playing with 10 men.
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Re: 07/01/2017 | Preston North End vs Arsenal | FA Cup

Postby Big Poppa » Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:32 pm

EliteKiller wrote:We won .... that's about all you need to know .... the term 'entitled' could be written for this squad .... they think it's a given that they are going to win and put in the minimum effort required .... normally after going behind to a lesser side .... we just won't get away with that against better well organised teams ....

These are the key words for me. Partnerships are only partnerships if players are looking for each other, communicating, covering for each other etc. Too often when Wenger makes changes, the team becomes completely disjointed. Ramsey and Xhaka for example, on paper, should work ok, in possession at least. But the reality is Ramsey is thinking "I've got a chance to cement myself in my preferred position" and Xhaka is thinking "I've got to make up for my mistake in the last game and show I'm a good player". But this is human nature, someone has to remind them of their TEAM responsibility.

At the back, Gabriel and Mustafi. Gabriel is a good 5 yards deeper than everyone else in the build up to Preston's goal. Mustafi trying to play offside, Gabriel trying to pick up the man. This is in the first 20 minutes of the game ffs. Who is organising this lot once they get on the pitch? I don't give a f*** what they do on the training ground, you have to respond to situations as they happen and that requires communication and leadership. Some players press, others retreat, both wingers run inside at the same time, while the CF is still occuping that space. Both full backs bomb forward ahead of the CMs at the same time. WHO IS TALKING TO THIS LOT :BangHead:
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