09/04/16 | West Ham 3-3 Arsenal | Premier League

Re: 09/04/16 | West Ham vs Arsenal | Premier League

Postby CrimsonGunner11 » Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:25 am

arsenalpan wrote:
CrimsonGunner11 wrote:*Some of our players can be so frustrating. Sanchez for instance takes too many touches.
*Ozil is no help when defending because he's usually afraid to get stuck in. This invites unnecessary pressure on us
*We also don't close players down quick enough which allows crosses and shots to come in.
*Gabriel was awful today. Don't know what else to say about his performance
*Monreal was also not good and this can probably go down as one of his poor performances for us.
*Iwobi, despite a good start, was ineffective later
*Giroud did ok when he came on

To be perfectly honest I'm happy with the draw considering how the game was going but if we plan to win any major trophies soon, we need to be getting three points from games like this

WTF was that?

And WTF was this?

I like what Ozil contributes when we're on top but I'm sorry when the game gets physical and teams really start applying pressure, he often times becomes a passenger. Sure he covers a lot of ground but what good does that do us if he isn't forcing opposition defenders to make mistakes in their half. I know its his style but the way he jogs around nonchalantly gives off i cba to win the ball back vibe which is a trait I hate to see in players.

Wrt Giroud, he was involved when he came on which is more than I expect from him these days
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Re: 09/04/16 | West Ham vs Arsenal | Premier League

Postby yadunoe » Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:35 am

gabriel is shit we need a massive clearout with wenger and silent stan being the first to go
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Re: 09/04/16 | West Ham vs Arsenal | Premier League

Postby Woteva » Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:20 am

The sports stream I watched 20 minutes in, feed problem, the Match on yesterday was quite generous to the Gunners, after watching match of the day.

Is it the schoolyard, you don't score you're on defense? Some of the defense we have got you could blow over. The man marking on the left flank was almost non existent the entire match like in the second goal. Many other times it was an advantage to them on the counter. There were other times where there was no marking. We often had a line, but not quite that closure or marking. Some are quick enough constantly trying to score goals and run back, but many problems are found there. Height and the ability to get in the way, cutting out the crosses and shots, reading and marking men is the stuff legendary defenders are made out of.

In defense of an attacking side..

But when you pitch Shrek against them and what happened, it was like 10 pin bowling, no it wasn't a sending off, he was literally blown over.
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Re: 09/04/16 | West Ham vs Arsenal | Premier League

Postby Woteva » Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:49 pm

GoonerAlexis wrote:
Woteva wrote:
Est83 wrote:Good post, but why would a genie be in a hat? :scratch:

We will do them I am more confident of that now. So the genie comes from a clear decider. Nah they lost one of their men, he normally plays defensively for what was a yellow. But like Wright said it was a Red. f**k em and those refs who shouldn't be refing on home soil anymore.

Magic trick rabbit hat genie bottle, maybe I was still drunk from watching that shit lastnight. f***ing refs, f***ing shit f***ing refs, **** f***ing shitting refs shitting f***ing shit. Genie hat, no it was not a condom..

That was before they got their man back, after I said there won't be a lot in it. They are counter attacking side who fielded a 5 man back wall, that changed slightly when they became under pressure. Although within the first minutes they had a goal disallowed, played on by a questionable wall. Their later goals brought those questions in. The goals we scored were supported by players from our back wall twice and than a CM scores later. Surely the way to play is to often let the pace and certain positions commit while acting like hornets in your own half using a static defense.

What are we, a rushing side, okay it works up until they counter, proved by the armband given to somebody up the front who only see's half the game and our performance this season.
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Re: 09/04/16 | West Ham vs Arsenal | Premier League

Postby greengoonerie » Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:51 am

In a season of truly appalling management and performances, this game ranks as an example of how far Arsenal have fallen in recent years.

There is NO justification for what we witnessed on Saturday - none. Sod the ref, sod Andy Carroll The performance of both Wenger and the team was shameful. There are NO excuses worthy of exonerating the pisspoor management and player attitude on Saturday.

Collectively this squad is a shambles, led by a once-great manager who has now completely bought into the dark side of football - ie - finances.

Sadly, Wengers legacy will be the fact that he decided that financial success mattered far more than footballing success and he planned and managed with this goal in mind for the last few seasons of his career.

:angry: :angry: :angry:
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Re: 09/04/16 | West Ham vs Arsenal | Premier League

Postby Pudpop » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:54 pm

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Re: 09/04/16 | West Ham vs Arsenal | Premier League

Postby GoonerAlexandre » Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:28 pm

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Re: 09/04/16 | West Ham vs Arsenal | Premier League

Postby elkanofan » Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:53 pm

Sims wrote:
elkanofan wrote:
Sims wrote:
elkanofan wrote:
SchlandGooner wrote:
elkanofan wrote:the british core project has failed

Breaking News here :lol:

i know.

England failing to get out of the group again to be the confirmation.

no technique in the british game anymore

rooney doesn't start we reach the quarters

Rooney must play. hes pratically the only player bar wilshere with some top level match experience and someone with good tournament experience at least.

Yeah you have hart, you have crap like cahill

So many rookies and unknowns in this England squad. A experiemced head is essential.

He maybe past it but his career has been miles better than most of this england squad will ever acheive.

experience doesn't help if ur a complete f***ing detriment

would you want Flamini starting for us week in week in just cause he's 'experienced'?

Rooney has far more talent than Flamini though
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Re: 09/04/16 | West Ham vs Arsenal | Premier League

Postby TrafalgarLaw » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:36 pm

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