08/11/2015 | Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham | Premier League

Re: 08/11/2015 | Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham | Premier League

Postby Cripps » Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:27 pm

We're not very good are we?
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Re: 08/11/2015 | Arsenal vs Tottenham | Premier League

Postby Fenice » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:45 pm

Mesüt wrote:
Yorkyblue wrote:
Fenice wrote:
Royal Gooner wrote:Just got back from the match. All I can say is we just got away with that. Did anyone else notice the missile that the spuds threw onto the pitch during the first half?

Few of us did. Course it won't be spoken of. If it came from our end it'd get 24 hour coverage.

Didn't your lot get away with smashing up the advertisements and throwing them at Spurs fans recently? Mentioned the night of the game and I haven't seen anything since.

Interesting how you say missile, as in one, then blame more of them for it. Was it big? Did it take a lot to lift and throw whatever it was?

They also did this.

Not sure what happened to the investigation into the league cup stuff though.

Didn't see the reply to my post. And no we didn't get away with anything coverage wise, was all over every website. They also seem to have fair game in any attempt to injure our players should they choose to.
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Dennis Bergkamp
Dennis Bergkamp
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Re: 08/11/2015 | Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham | Premier League

Postby Yorkyblue » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:53 pm

A couple of little things on websites? Even the English people have said nothing really happened mate. A couple of articles/mixed in with match report the night it happened and not a word since. Maybe there is somewhere but you would have to go digging.

So you know, I see missiles at nearly every game in England. Not saying it's right but it's no different to fixtures all around the Country every week.
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