POST MATCH: 26/04/15 | Arsenal vs. Chelsea | PL: 0-0

Re: POST MATCH: 26/04/15 | Arsenal vs. Chelsea | Premier Lea

Postby Cripps » Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:35 pm

Well not pointless but least memorable for sure
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Re: POST MATCH: 26/04/15 | Arsenal vs. Chelsea | Premier Lea

Postby GoonerAlexandre » Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:52 pm

starmandb wrote:
GoonerAlexis wrote:The chants have really affected the Chelsea team, everyone wants to defend themselves. Funny, tbh

Bollocks have they
They have been a huge embarrassment
I couldn't give a f**k when people called us boring when we were winning titles and I don't expect chelsea to give a f**k either
Take your lumps
Clap the champions elect as well your own off the pitch then come back and make sure it's you that are the champions next season
Not wish washy shit like ain't it great just to be in the champions league and ohh ain't we done well in the calendar year
The league runs from august to May that is all that matters
Laurel was a great partner for hardy but not something to be rested on
We need improvement
YOu always do

I agree with you, I was merely pointing out how Mourinho and Terry seem to have let the taunts get to them

To me, a boring style isn't necessary to win the league, and if Mourinho plays boring, it shouldn't matter to any other team. Beat the other 18 teams and draw the two games with Mourinho and win the league, if he plays for a draw
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