Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal | Premier League 22/03/14

Re: Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal | Premier League 22/03/14

Postby StockGooner » Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:46 pm

greengoonerie wrote:
Arsenal~Fanatic wrote:
GSK_AFC wrote:
Arsenal~Fanatic wrote:
GSK_AFC wrote:lmao Mourinho trying to make himself look like a tactical genius. They did nothing out of the ordinary, we were just shit.
We made the exact same tactical mistakes against Liverpool.

He scored 6 against title rivals and he has no right to gloat? Wenger gloats about 4th finish like a trophy which is even more laughable.

If he had any class he wouldn't gloat but even without the gloating he's making out that he employed some revolutionary tactics that have exploited us but in reality no matter what tactics he would've employed we would've lost because of how poor we were. We lost this game more mentally than tactically.

Actually it is Wonga who lacks class for not bothering to apologize or at the very least explain that disastrous capitulation instead of running away like a coward from doing the press conference.


In fact, more credit goes to Mourinho for walking down the tunnel BEFORE full time when he could have easily and happily stood there waiting to shake Wengers hand at the end.

Wengers behaviour since the defeat has been shown to be once again immature, petulant and ignorant.

It's all about Arsene.

7 million a year - get out and earn some of it FFS by explaining why you did what you did, and how you propose to address it from here on in.

I don't think Mourinho walking down the tunnel before the final whistle was because he didn't want to gloat, he has played this card many times before and not just to Wenger. I personally think it's disrespectful but I would;t expect anything less from him.

I don't think in this 'War of Words' (Using that term loosely as only one manager is winning clearly) any of the two managers come across very well, they both show themselves to be petulant and pathetic, essentially the same as the Wenger & Pulis atmosphere for a number of years whenever we played Stoke.
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