World Cup 2014 Final (Germany 1-0 Argentina)

Talk about this years world cup!
World cup begins on Thursday 12th June.

Re: World Cup 2014 Final - Germany vs Argentina

Postby Schlandi » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:10 am

You are correct !

Still get the stick but for sure not nearly as much as during the tournament cause even our dumb media can't bash a WC winner anymore.
There are also some stupid WC player ratings in the media here (1 best note, 6 worst) where Özil mostly got a 4 or 3 for his performance in the tournament.
In the public opinion no one really cares about it anymore (besides the idiotic fanboys) "we" just celebrate the title and all the 23 players who won the title.

- Their goalkeerper had the game of his life
- We should have had 10+ penalties .. shit ref
- If long term injured player xyz would have been available we would have won easily
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