Aston Villa V Arsenal | Premier League 24/11/2012

Re: Aston Villa V Arsenal | Premier League 24/11/2012

Postby jake_cohen » Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:22 am

Have done this tactical analysis on the game, focussing on AV's defence and Olivier Giroud. Obviously was far from a good performance and we really need to lift for Everton or we will be in trouble!! Have a read and let me know your thoughts. ... -analysis/
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Re: Aston Villa V Arsenal | Premier League 24/11/2012

Postby friedslice » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:29 am

reason we play so slowly is because we don't have the players with the ability to play quickly. no more vieira's, bergkamps', pires' and henrys'. aaron ramsey and olivier giroud!
it was the same all of last season, the only time we ever had spark and played with fluidity was during that season defining run of form we had early this year. that was mainly down to rosicky finding great form, he showed what a genuine top class attacking player can do, he and RVP helped us greatly. we also showed the same sort of form early this season, when we had diaby controlling the midfield and providing a box to box link, santi was on great form - ala rosicky proving the importance of genuine class - and gervinho/podolski were looking top class.

we've lacked all that since then and it's back to the issue patchy, uninspired form. we need more quality in the squad, 2-3 top class players and we'd see us playing much better, as it is we're simply not good enough, everyone should accept that and not keep expecting next week to be the week "the old arsenal" comes to life.

what's all this "arsenal have always played great attacking football" lark too? they most certainly haven't. 8 years of high class stuff, in hindsight, doesn't constitute much amongst the 126 years.
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Re: Aston Villa V Arsenal | Premier League 24/11/2012

Postby UFGN » Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:20 pm

I was at this match and I can honestly say it was one of the worst matches I have ever watched at any level.

"Slow" doesnt even begin to describe it. Almost the entire match was played at a walking pace. No urgency from our players whatsoever. Villa are a poor side and played badly. We should have battered them. Shocking from us.

This was my first trip to Villa Park, and I have to say its a great stadium, the best away ground ive been to so far. Villa are a big club, despite this season being a poor one for them. If ever its suggested that they should move to a new stadium I would urge any Villa fan reading this to resist and keep Villa Park. Its a proper oldskool gem.
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