Arsenal should play in the Primera Division

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Arsenal should play in the Primera Division

Postby Ishamael » Fri Jul 20, 2007 8:48 pm

Note: I wrote this on February 25, 2007.

ARSENAL ARE a flexible, innovative, fast-paced and immensely talented team, as you know.

Wenger is an idealist, a Johan Cruyff acolyte rather than a Helenio Herrera one. He hates defensive-minded teams, the Blackburns and Aston Villas of this world.

And we all know that only four teams in England are flexible, innovative and fast-paced. So Arsenal should play in the Primera Division, where you have pace, technique and free-flowing attacking play. Where you have wingers who make scissors runs, full backs who make overlapping runs, technical defenders. Where you have idealist trainers.


Arsenal are at their best against skilful, talented teams. Wenger likes direct, creative teams.

Arsenal, skilful Arsenal, should play against Aguero, Higuain, Luccin, Kanouté, Renato, not against Nolan, Mokoena, Sidwell.

The Arsenal talent is wasted on the boring, defensive Premier League. Cristiano Ronaldo is destroying everyone because English defenders don't know how to defend against skilful, bionic players.


You play against Galletti, Navas, Ronaldinho, Higuain, Kanouté.

You have to be extremely talented, extremely focussed to stop those players. You improve yourself by testing yourself against bigger, badder, better players.

Arsenal can't improve in England because they are better than 17 of the teams! Against Blackburn, against West Ham, they play at 30% of their capacities. They don't improve, they cannot improve.

If you have a Vieira, an Adams, a Keown, you can still beat those teams at 30% of your capacities because they give you bottle, sharpness.

But if you have creative, shy, silk players you cannot say: Well, let's pump up the jam for our trip up north to Bolton!

It is not possible for an Arsenal side with Thierry Henry as captain, a weak character, a captain who needs lots of love, lots of pats on the back.


If you have Vieira and Campbell shouting, berating the Arsenal footballing geniuses, the footballing zenith, in 2003 and 2004, you can become invincible.

Because Vieira is better than Lampard, because Campbell is better than Ferdinand in all aspects.

Because Henry is a freak who's ten times the player Mutu, Crespo or van Nistelrooy is.

Because Ljungberg is the only players in the world who can make Freddie scissors runs, Freddie brave headers, Freddie instelligence goals.

Because you can beat Blackburn, Manchester City, Charlton waltzing through defences, shredding them to pieces through position-ghosting, passing them to death.

But you need to keep the floating, high-flying divas awake, keep them focussed, disciplined.

And a freak knight like Rooney can halt your progress by blinding you with enormous bottle, sharpness, power. He hits you where it hurts, going for the jugular, the weak spot. He wins headers, outmuscles your defenders, burns your team with electric movement.

Wayne Rooney is all about confidence. Confidence is his own movement, his partnerships, his influence, his charisma. He powers through all with a razor sharp sword of confidence.

And a freak merc like Ronaldo can annihilate you with his capabilities, using only 30% of it.

Ronaldo is a gladiator mercenary who will leave Old Trafford in the summer because he can't improve, can't use his full ability against Primus, Ingimarsson, Dunne, Yobo.

In Spain, Ronaldo could improve by another 70%, stimulated by coming up against better defenders, better goalkeepers, better midfielders.

He has everything, it just needs to be improved. And he could become a deadly merc, one of the best, blasting and crippling defences.

But not at United! He doesn't have the training, ability to test Ferreira, Clichy, Finnan, because he can't be bothered to use his capabilities against Reading!

ARSENAL COULD IMPROVE by 70% by playing in the technical, smart, skilful Primera Division. They don't cut down Fabregas or Henry in the Pizjuan or the Mestalla.

They applaud big players, big perfomances, big ensemble play.
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Postby Libertine » Sat Jul 21, 2007 7:31 am

You're mental! :mrgreen:
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Postby rvtheace » Tue Jul 31, 2007 8:15 am

I can smell a rap song hiding somewhere in that rant. 8)
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