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Re: The depression thread

Postby starmandb » Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:56 am

Much as we would like to throw a blanket over everyone we care for and make sure they are alright it is impossible to give everyone a smooth path thru life
I have been very lucky not to suffer the black dog of depression and have had nothing worse than being a bit miz from time to time
I can't trivialise what you have been thru or give you some pat message but only offer some encouragement from others I have known who do suffer from a similar plight
Don't beat yourself up about what you didn't do and thnk of all you have done to improve and help others
I bet you have a lot more in the plus column than the minus
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Re: The depression thread

Postby VCC » Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:00 am

JordanTheGunner wrote:Apologies if anyone finds this a strange question but as I am (quite) young I feel I have everything to look forward to (bad and good stuff).

Is depression something that creeps up on you slowly, or is it an imminent thing? And is there ways of uncovering it or is it something that if you have, you 100% know about it?

it can be caused by many things ........................................Loss is probably one of the more usual causes Stress can be a cause there can be things like PTSD that is very close to depression but depression is a symptom of and often not recognised .

Thing is to SEEK help and if that does not help keep looking until you connect with the right people who can help you find your triggers and then work at keeping them at bay
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