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Re: European Politics

Postby EliteKiller » Thu Jun 16, 2022 8:14 am

UFGN wrote:
EliteKiller wrote:
UFGN wrote:PRISS doesn't give a shit about Poland or the Baltic States. He'd see half of Europe under Russian tyranny.

He thinks I'm making it all up

But you are making it all up, unless you are Putin, or you are his right hand man, everything you say is your "made up" opinion. It might be right, but it's probably not, and it's definitely made up.

My "made up" opinion is that Putin always wanted to take Crimea, plus Luhansk and Donetsk regions, commonly referred to as Donbas. These are the three predominately Russian speaking regions.

He may well want to keep Zaporizhzhya and Kherson as well, who really knows.

As for "Capturing half of Europe" maybe in a delusional fantasy but not in real life - that is 100% just you "making it up"

FYI - You were the one who said you were far happier not posting, I'm just supporting your well being.

I'm sorry, what the f**k has this got to do with you? Are you PRISS?

I'm sorry is this a forum or your private messaging service? Use PMs if you're afraid of responses.
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Re: European Politics

Postby UFGN » Thu Jun 16, 2022 8:32 am

Pat Rice in Short Shorts wrote:
UFGN wrote:
Jedi wrote:The state of Russian media... Not good...

PRISS doesn't give a shit about Poland or the Baltic States. He'd see half of Europe under Russian tyranny.

He thinks I'm making it all up

BS. I know that those NATO states are safe. Putin is positioning himself to appear stronger than he is. But the people who you believe and trust would love another war to make themselves richer. They make Putin richer and enabled to wage wars. The costs are global and you seem not to care about the people who are suffering from lack of oil and food. Those are not a result of sanctions but rather Biden's no more fossil fuels pledge. The man is asking OPEC to produce more when the US has greatly reduced production. Why would OPEC produce more and give up the cash cow the west has handed them? US energy policy is why Europe and the rest of the world are suffering through high energy prices. Biden has totally f***ked up the US economy and then the global economy. And this can only get gold.

Why is it that you believe that our governments are being straight with you when they have lied about everything for decades? Wake up.

I don't believe your reasoning, sorry. That someone with your background would suddenly not want Russia to be brought to heal.

Previously we have had proxy wars with Russia, including during your tenure in the US Army. This is a direct conflict with them. I think your real objection is that this is hitting you personally. Hitting your pocket. It's hitting mine too, and will hurt others much worse than me. But you are blind to the danger Putin poses to Europe. Maybe you don't understand, or maybe you don't want to see it because your petrol is suddenly expensive.

What Russia is doing now in Ukraine is bad enough. That doesn't mean I think Zelensky is an angel, far from it. But look at the murder and mayhem being inflicted on a country which is, de facto if not de joure, a modern European state.....or trying to become one.

The internal discord with communities which wish to be closer to Russia does not even begin to justify Russia's actions.

Then theres Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Moldova......some NATO countries, some not.... being threatened by Russia..... You dismiss this huge issue out of hand.....why, I have no idea other than it doesn't sit comfortably with you. Personal threats from Putin and his attack dogs in media he controls. Incursions into airspace by their fighter jets.....and above all, FORM. They have FORM for it. Many of those countries also have significant ethnic Russian populations, so he also has a ready made excuse for it. I'm not listening to any government or any journalist when I come to the this conclusion. This is just logical.

They absolutely WILL attack more European countries.
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