Player of the season project details

Player of the season project details

Postby Reverend Gooner » Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:16 pm


The background

When it comes to the end of the season there is always differing opinion as to who our player of the season was. Opinions and points fly to and fro followed by a poll and a decision reached that way. I always wonder how much of the season is taken into consideration, which performances or parts of the season do we just forget when making our decision and how good or bad some of the players in question really have been.

So i thought the time has come to do this "player of the season project" on goonersworld where we rate each players performance on a game by game basis and i keep a mean score for each player, one for each competition and all competitions. Then at the end of the season i tally the data up for every game, with everyones fresh opinion at the time and i name the player of the season followed by those close behind.

This i think, is the best way to show the true forum opinion and i will compare who wins here (i won't announce it immediately at the end of the season) to who we all think it is in the usual threads which will pop up. On the other hand we will also get to see if the players we slate have really been as bad as we say they are.

How you can have your say

All you have to do rate each player out of 10 using the criteria in the thread below for any game you manage to catch. Post your ratings in that games ratings thread before the deadline and then you can discuss them with fellow members in the chat thread below.


The only thing i ask is for members to be objective. Please give honest opinions. If you don't support arsenal or have arsenal goggle vision you are still very welcome to vote but please be fair in your votes. The same goes for individual players too, please disregard personal feelings for them, just consider their performance.

I reserve the right to reject some votes (ie. if someone gives all 10's or all 3's as that literally never happens and clearly shows bias or overreaction) but only in extreme circumstances.


In order to make this as legitimate as possible i want to include the same amount of votes for each game, i will keep it at 30 at the start but it may be subject to change in the early weeks if needs be.

As well as the same amount it would be more legitimate if the same people generally voted for each game. The way it will work is everyone has until the deadline given to put in their ratings and i will take the first 30 on a first voted first in basis. However i will have a list of members who can be guaranteed their vote to go in no matter what number vote it was just so long as it is before the deadline.

You can apply to be a guaranteed member if you think you will be able to watch and vote for the majority of games in the season (at least half and preferably a bit more).

Please only put your name down if you think you will vote for the majority of games. You will still get your chance to vote even if you don't as there will be more spaces than guaranteed members

Guaranteed members

Reverend Gooner
Robin Van Perfect
Liam Cork
The Little Mozart
The Real Gooner

If you wish to get a spot please post up in the general chat thread.

Thanks for reading and thankyou to everyone who gets there votes in to this player of the season project.
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