Another 4-1 breeze

Another 4-1 breeze

Postby Gunner Down Under » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:50 pm

Wolves helped this time, scoring three goals, us scoring two.

Don't worry, it wasn't a 3-2 embarrassment, they scored two own goals, through Zubar and Craddock. Croddock scored in the 89th minute but that was a different story.

Wenger was expecting a comfortable win with Ramsey starting while leaving Nasri, Rosicky and Eboue on the bench. But from the opening minutes of the game, you would wonder if the Arsenal defense would crack early under Wolves pressure, and with Gallas picking up a yellow card, the signs early weren't good. Gibbs cleared off the line, and Milijas creating havoc in the box too. But we survived it, and we seemed to click together when Diaby came off and Song on. Ideas, anyone??
Arsenal were now creating chances, with Sagna floating in a cross, Zubar fouling Eduardo in the process. Fabregas tried to get us back into the game, Craddock heading away the free kick, and a corner, again taken by Fabregas.
This time though, there was no mistake. The ball seemed to have deflected off Zubar and in, while Eduardo doesn't claim it. Wolves 1 Arsenal 0. (Own goal tally)

Between this and the second goal, Ramsey should have put Arsenal ahead even further, missing a great chance, heading over from a Van Persie cross, and of course, Wolves mistake.
Once again, the third goal came from a clever break.

Now, woeful defending scene no 2. 7 minutes later, Wolves were on the attack, but Stearman's cross is led away. A clever through ball found Ramsey, held Craddock until passing out to Eduardo, who chipped Hennessey, but this time claims it, but replays showed that Craddock scored while heading the ball up into the air. Wolves 2 Arsenal 0.

In stoppage time half time, a rubbish pass (summing up Wolves after 20 minutes) was intercepted, and Sagna's cross found Van Persie, who tapped it onto Fabregas. He finished with the simpliest of strikes, decieving both the keeper and the defender.

Half Time, Arsenal in cruise control, Wolves in shock.

This showed in the second half, with Wolves not really attacking, giving space for the forward pack. The next real chance was when Arshavin fired one at Hennessey, making him tip that over the crossbar, and the Russian's first real sighting today.
The following corner was punched away, came to Arshavin and hit a volley first time. Into the net before anyone had known what had happened. 4-0, Minute 66. Wolves in self destruct mode.

After this Rosicky came on for Eduardo and Arshavin went for Nasri. Wenger resting the stars as there is no way Wolves can win.
Fabregas should have scored in the 76th minute Van Persie squared it, but his shot went over. Rosicky had a chance before the whistle, hitting a shot with his left foot after playing a one two with Van Persie. RvP seems to be everywhere today. No worries, really, as a win was the clear result.
But by now Wolves were willing to gamble, pushing me up front for that consolation goal. They got it with a minute to go.
A corner floated in, and Craddock overcame his earlier own goal to head the hosts a goal.

Another match without a clean sheet, shedding a drop of disappointment in a sea of victory.
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Re: Another 4-1 breeze

Postby gzagee » Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:21 pm

Nice one for writing up this one, fella.
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