Modifications to POTS Project

Vote for your Man of the Match game by game to see who will become GoonersWorld's Player of the Season

Modifications to POTS Project

Postby Angelito » Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:38 pm

As a result of waning interest in the usual ratings-based player analysis, we've launched a new system where we'd rather be voting for the MOTM for each respective game.

The players with most at least MOTM vote would consequently compete for the GW POTS competition at the end of the season to determine the GW POTS.

I hope each of you participates in this new, modified version of the POTS project. We don't need to lodge individual votes, but simply—vote for the MOTM of each Arsenal game.

I hope you enjoy the season. Please don't forget to vote for your MOTM.

Good luck.
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