When the shit hits the fan...

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Re: When the shit hits the fan...

Postby VCC » Thu Jul 07, 2022 6:41 am

Pat Rice in Short Shorts wrote:The greenhouse is progressing, but weather is delaying things. From a severe drought last winter to nonstop thunderstorms each afternoon. Saw my first Montana funnel cloud today.

We have been working with a guy from Minnesota to design the greenhouse from the engineering standpoint. The idea is to store hot air in stone beds five feet below grade and pump it out in the winter months. Minimal electric required to run duct fans but is designed to keep it all above 10 c year round with no heating. We get down to -40 at times so that would be incredible. I am also building solar water panels that would supplement the air system. Fun stuff.

Sounds a great system
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Re: When the shit hits the fan...

Postby Pat Rice in Short Shorts » Thu Jul 07, 2022 10:46 am

It is rather weird to super insulate the north, west and NE sides while using glazing on the S and SE. But even in dead winter it should be up to 85 f plus on sunny days that will recharge the ground heat during the day. My plan is to have a "beach area" to lay out in the sun inside it when the days are short. Looking to tap into the spring creek water all summer to cool as well as it is always 52 f. Just fun to have projects that reap rewards. Wondering if the same technology could be refined to heat and cool the main house through our radiant NG system? I'd bet the solar water heaters would work great to supplement wood heat.
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