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Postby StLGooner » Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:12 pm

Va-Va-Voom wrote:
StLGooner wrote:
Jedi wrote:
StLGooner wrote:Yea, Nate was just getting warmed up. I didn't like the stoppage either.

To be fair, Masvidal won all three rounds comfortably and 99% of fights in the UFC are 3 rounds anyway so it's not like it's some insane robbery.

Not the point, I just wanted to watch the rest of the fight. :dontknow: Nate is still capable of submitting anyone at anytime.

Yep, Nate has legendary cardio and one of his main attributes is being able to wear down and outlast his opponents in battles of attrition.

I'm not saying he would've won but after surviving 3 rounds I think there would have been a momentum shift and some crazy drama.

Right! He was definitely getting beat pretty bad, the cuts were bad, but I feel like I've seen worse and they let the fight go. But Nate has been in the same position before and won the fight. That's part of what makes him good, his toughness.
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